Troop Updates - September 2015

Post date: Sep 1, 2015 5:53:21 PM

With school having already stated for some of you, and starting next week for the rest of you, now is as good a time to get the Troop’s September schedule out to you so you can get the information on to your calendars. If any email address changes are required please send them to me directly (for example, RUSD emails are changing this year). We also realize many of our Scouts are participating in fall sports and other activities that might conflict with troop meetings. All I ask is that they attend troop meetings whenever they do not have practice or games, and participate in troop activities as much as their schedules allow. If at all possible we would like all Scouts to participate in the fall product sale fundraiser, and please try to attend the Fall Court of Honor tentatively scheduled on October 13.

Of special note is the decision made at last night’s meeting to skip the camporee scheduled for September 18-20 and instead open that weekend up for storefront popcorn sales. This is an effort to help all troop members sell popcorn and earn funds in each Scout’s Troop Account. Information on signing up for selling slots is included below. Product Sales information will be distributed at the September 01 Troop Meeting.

- August 31 (Monday) – Show & Sell popcorn requests must be submitted to me for any product you wish to have for the sale. Order form sample is available on the troop web site, here.

- September 01 (Tuesday) – Regular Troop Meeting at 6:30pm.

o Continued work on the Theatre merit badge that was started August 25 (it’s not too late to catch up).

o Scoutmaster Conferences for rank can still be requested from me.

o Boards of Review for Rank can still be scheduled with Mr. Dean ( Scout must be in uniform and have signed handbook.

o Fall Product Sales information and order forms will be distributed.

o Those planning, or thinking of, participating in the Philmont Trek next year will meet for 30 minutes, starting at 8:00.

- September 08 (Tuesday) – Regular Troop Meeting at 6:30pm.

o Mr. Russ will be the Scoutmaster for this week.

o Continued work on the Theatre merit badge.

o Patrol planning for Kenosha Scoutopoly day trip scheduled September 26.

o Boards of Review for Rank can still be scheduled with Mr. Dean ( Scout must be in uniform and have signed handbook.

- September 15 (Tuesday) – Regular Troop Meeting at 6:30.

o Troop election for Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.

o Patrol elections for Patrol Leaders (3 patrols).

o Troop election for 4th Patrol Leader.

o Creation of fourth patrol.

o Possible Patrol breakout for patrol box inventory and reorganization (Mr. Helland’s determination).

- September 17 (Thursday) – Show & Sell popcorn pickup by appointment only, in the evening (details to be provided on September 01).

- September 18 (Friday) – Official start of Fall Product Sales.

o Pick ‘n Save storefront sales, two shifts (4pm to 6pm, 6pm to 8pm)

- September 19 (Saturday)

o Pick ‘n Save storefront sales, four shifts (8am to 11am, 11am to 2pm, 2pm to 5pm, 5pm to 8pm)

o 8am to 4pm, Order of the Arrow Fall Fix-It Weekend at Indian Mound Scout Reservation (all Arrowmen are encouraged to attend)

- September 20 (Sunday) – Pick ‘n Save storefront sales, four shifts (8am to 11am, 11am to 2pm, 2pm to 5pm, 5pm to 8pm)

- September 22 (Tuesday) – Regular Troop Meeting at 6:30.

- September 26 (Saturday) – Kenosha Scoutopoly Day Trip. Check-In is 10am, ends no later than 4pm. Planned as a patrol participation event. Fee is $7 plus lunch money, will need parent drivers.

- September 29 (Tuesday) – Troop PLC Meeting at 6:30. All current and newly elected PLC members should plan to attend.

- October 13 (Tuesday) – Tentative date for Fall Court of Honor, location to be finalized. All Scouts and families should plan to attend if possible.

For the Fall Popcorn and Wreath sale.

- Sign up for storefront slots at Add the Scout’s name to the signup comments box.

- If you sign up and cannot attend you must remove your name from the slot, or some type of penalty may be enacted.

- Up to six Scouts and two adults may staff each shift.

- Please do not sign up for more than two shifts until September 11. On September 12 any open shifts may be claimed by Scouts already signed up for their two shifts.

- Product and inventory sheets, along with tables and signage, will be provided between each shift.

- Sales will be split evenly between each Scout staffing the timeslot, based on arrival and departure times.

- Since many Scouts cannot or do not sell door-to-door, the PLC decided to offer this opportunity so that each Scout may earn funds for the Scout’s Troop Account. Please take advantage of the opportunity.