Eagle Scout Project Ideas

Post date: Feb 4, 2016 5:27:30 PM

HALO Hoop House Raised Planting Beds

  • Need 20 beds built by May 2016
  • For more info contact Mr. Nelson @ 262-909-2861 or the Hoop House Manager, Jamie Williams @ 847-840-2158.

The project workbook (and Eagle application) can be found here http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/resources.aspx

Gateway District had 22 Eagle Scouts last year. Listed below are all the Eagles, their troop, the date of their Board of Review and briefly what their Eagle Project was. Congratulations to each young man, was well as their respective parents and units.

Gateway District Eagle Scouts 2015

Nicholas Cina T505 1-20-15 Cataloged 2100 Memorial Bricks at Wolfenbuttel Park

Michael Larson T507 1-27-15 Music Cabinet for Bows, for Mahone

Luke Schaffrick T525 1-27-15 Revamped, installed shelving for Kenosha Pops Trailer

Michael Field T505 2-25-15 Built 5 Buddy Benches (total) for 4 elementary schools, B&G club

Jacob Hoening T525 3-11-15 Build Cabinet system for Musical Instruments at Bullen Middle Sch.

Noah Schaffrick T525 4-06-15 Built two Cello Racks for Mahone Middle School

Myles Williams T525 4-06-15 Built a trophy Case for Military Academy at Indian Trail

Dante Bonaretti T520 4-07-15 Built Canopy for Dog Park at Ingram Park, Pleasant Prairie

Dominc Bonaretti T520 4-07-15 Built Wood Duck Houses for Bong State Park

Brian Newberry T505 4-08-15 Build Wheelchair accessible Fishing Pier at Ingram Park, Pleasant Prairie

Holden Schultz T583 5-18-15 Emergency Bags for Foster Kids CIP Foster Care Help, 125 of them

Matthew Dahl T507 6-19-15 House Renovation work for; A Place to Come Home.

Kyle Butler T525 6-19-15 Music Cases for Golden Strings.

Elijah Edwards T505 6-23-15 Built and install Benches on the Bike Path, south of 89th ST to State Line

Jacob Young T435 7-23-15 Shelter for Civil War Memorial, Greenwich Cemetery

Evan Tabor T525 9-22-15 Educational Fish Hatchery, and Data Collection for DNR

Ronnie Fredrick T520 11-10-15 Bong State Park, Campsite restoration New benches, campfire ring and grading

Ian Rakow T505 11-17-15 Blue Bird Houses and Kiosk for Bluebird Trial at Kenosha County Building

Matthew Curry T583 11-18-15 Program Stage at Pringle Nature Center

Joshua Hoening T525 11-23-15 Benches at Sunrise Park

Andrew Lemke T520 12-14-15 Restoration of St. Benedict’s Abbey

Ryan Daugherty T595 12-21-15 Solar Powered Charging Stations at Pringle Nature Center