Post date: Feb 16, 2019 8:59:18 PM

Our committee has decided to start using Scoutbook instead of Troopmaster to manage and track advancement as well as a plethora of other items. Here are several quick things regarding this move/transition.


1. By now, you should have all received an invite to login to Scoutbook. You will have full access to your boy's account (as well as your own) to be able to update and track their progress. Please be sure to login ASAP so the system can finish "Connecting" everyone.

2. Once you login, please review and update your own profile so it is complete and accurate.

3. If you wish for your scout(s) to have access to their own information via their own login, you have to first login to your own account and then grant them access/give them permission. (ONLY parents can do this for their scout. Leaders that are not the parent of that scout are not able to invite the scout.) The scout will be require to have their own email address for this to work.

4. There is a mobile app available, it is called "Scouting" and is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Access via the mobile app is limited so I would encourage you to first sign in via a computer.


1. You also should have received an email inviting you to login to Scoutbook. Please login ASAP to complete your "connection" to the troop.

2. Once you login, please review and update your own profile so it is complete and accurate.

3. Please note that although there is a mobile app available, access is limited and it is not going to allow you to use it at all if you do not have a scout in the troop.

4. Permissions have been set in Scoutbook based on your leadership position within the troop. If you can't access something you feel you should be able to, please let me know. (contact info listed below)

5. I would encourage you to use the Single Sign On (SSO) option now available through Scoutbook. This allows you to use the same login credentials (username and password) for (the site you use for taking Youth Protection and other training) and When you login to Scoutbook, there is a message at the top that tells you more about this and how to enable it.


1. During this transition, we are testing the Scoutbook Calendar feature and, at the same time using our previous Google Calendar and SignUpGenius. Our hope is that the Scoutbook Calendar will ultimately replace the need for Google Calendar and SignUpGenius however we are still testing this. Please be patient during the transition.

2. At this time, we are NOT using the scout account feature. This is something we will be testing soon but please note that for the time being, your scout's account balance will not be indicative of their actual scout account balance. For now, if you need information on your scouts account, please contact Ms. Huck.

3. Later today you will see the Scoutbook Calendar AND our Google Calendar on our troop website. Please reference both calendars for upcoming events and RSVP's. (You only need to RSVP once so if you see it available via Scoutboook and SignUpGenius, please pick one. Our preference would be Scoutbook but if that does not work, please feel free to use SignUpGenius.

4. We'll be adding some information and a link to Scoutbook on the website to make it easy to find in the future.

5. If you have any questions or issues with Scoutbook, please contact me ASAP. (Jon Nelson, 262-909-2861,

Thank you!

Jon Nelson

Committee Member, Chaplain and Database and Website Manager