Troop Updates - Late September

Post date: Sep 23, 2015 6:54:54 PM

Troop Elections for Patrol Leaders and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader were conducted last week. Elections for the other Troop leadership positions will be conducted on October 06. Effective after the Troop’s Fall Court of Honor (scheduled for October 13) the following Scouts will assume their new leadership positions.

- Michael will be the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader

- Roger will be the Troop’s Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

- Robby will be the Ninja Pandas Patrol Leader

- Gavin will be the Square Knots Patrol Leader

- Logan will be the Flaming Pineapples Patrol Leader

- Brian will be the Patrol Leader for the new fourth patrol

A new Fourth Patrol has been created and Brian was elected Patrol Leader. Now we simply need Scouts to volunteer to leave their current patrol and join the new patrol. With 32 Scouts remaining active after the Court of Honor each patrol should have eight members (including the SPL and ASPL). I would prefer Scouts to volunteer to transfer into the new patrol instead of simply reassigning Scouts, but we have to trim patrol sizes down one way or the other. Scouts, please let me know if you would be interested in joining the new patrol.

Storefront Popcorn Sales this past weekend were a big success. For the eight Scouts who participated they sold almost $2500, while other Scouts who sold door-to-door sold another $2000 of product. I have subsequently received several requests for more storefront sales slots, and have been able to secure slots for this coming Saturday (September 26) at the same Pick ‘n Save location (corner of Durand and Green Bay Rd). Slots are 8am to 11am, 11am to 2pm, 2pm to 5pm, and 5pm to 8pm. Slots were not available for Sunday. Sign up at The one caveat with this storefront sale is that whomever signs up for the first slot will need to coordinate getting the product from Mrs. Turner ( or 262-672-8168) for the sale. Since her son has to be at the church at 9am it might be a simple matter of having her meet you at 8am at the store, but those arrangements need to be made.

Kenosha Scoutopoly is this Saturday (September 26). We had originally planned this as a patrol activity, but only seven Scouts are planning to participate at this point so we will instead do this as a single group. Those Scouts are Max, Myles, Adam, Brian, Ian, Gavin, and Kyle. We can accommodate late participants, but additional drivers might be needed. Right now Ms. Huck and myself are the two drivers and can accommodate eight total Scouts. We will meet at the church at 9am, and plan to be back between 1pm and 2pm. This will allow some of the Scoutopoly participants to also participate in the storefront popcorn sales.

Troop PLC Meeting is next week (September 29). Both current and newly elected Patrol Leaders should plan to attend (as well as SPL and ASPL), as we will be setting the program calendar of events for the year. Patrol leaders, if you have not already done so please speak with your patrol members and solicit their ideas for activities for the year.

Aviation Camporee is scheduled the weekend of October 9-11. This was briefly discussed last night and there seemed to be interest in participating, so I have created a sign up for it at Join other Boy Scouts and Webelos at the Burlington Municipal Airport. The camporee will include static aircraft displays, flight simulators, the opportunity to work on the Aviation merit badge, the Weather merit Badge, and the Space Exploration merit badge. Some lucky Scouts will get the opportunity to fly as part of the Young Eagles program. The troops will be camping on the airport grounds, while the airport continues its usual operations, so planes will be in and out throughout the day (and night?). Activity fee is $25 per Scout. Please register if you are interested, as if we do not have enough participants registered by October 6 then we will need to cancel it.

Troop Court of Honor is scheduled for October 13, and will be at the Racine Theatre Guild. Exact time and details are still to be confirmed.