Troop Updates - August 2016

Post date: Sep 16, 2016 7:53:54 PM

Welcome back to a new troop program year! Summer camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation was great, with the 26 attending Scouts completing at least 53 merit badges, and another 36 partial merit badge completions. A dozen rank advancements were earned at camp, with another handful very close to completion. We will spend the next couple troop meetings getting remaining requirements wrapped up for both ranks and some merit badges, so having your Scout Handbook at the meetings will be especially important.

A few reminders for the new Scouting year.

  • Cell phones and electronics are not needed during troop meetings unless the SPL or your patrol leader have you researching something on the Internet. If your device happens to distract you during a meeting, the PLC has decided that the distraction will be removed until the end of the meeting. Continued distractions may result in the item being returned to your parent and not to you at the end of the meeting, along with an ensuing conversation about the distraction.
  • Remember, uniforms are an important part of Scouting, so please wear yours to all troop meetings and activities unless informed otherwise. Regardless of rank the uniform includes a pen or pencil, while uniforms for Scouts below the rank of First Class include your neckerchief and handbook. The PLC is working on a method to enforce this.

We had a very successful Troop PLC Meeting late last week to get our troop schedule planned for the upcoming months. What is listed next is the result of that planning. All troop meetings will be held at Messiah Lutheran, from 6:30 to 8:00, unless otherwise specified. Please plan to arrive by 6:20 so that we can get started on time and minimize interruptions during the meeting.

August 16 Troop Meeting.

  • We had many Scouts work on the Chess merit badge at summer camp but one requirement was not completed. That requirement was, “Play at least three games of chess with other Scouts. Replay the games from your scoresheets and discuss how you might have played each game differently. Bring a chess set and board (with paper and pen to record/score your games) and we will have a Troop 222 round robin chess tournament. Those Scouts who have not earned the merit badge can start on it, those who have not earned it should be able to complete it, and those who have already earned it can play as well.
  • During the tournament:
    • We will compare all handbooks against what we have entered into the advancement tracking software and get both sets of records updated (regardless of rank, bring your handbook).
    • Those Scouts needing the final rank requirements of Scoutmaster Conference and/or Board of Review can get those scheduled, and possibly completed, during the meeting.

August 23 Troop Meeting.

  • Additional advancement work and Boards of Review will be the primary focus of this meeting, to be run by Mr. Russ.
  • Those Scouts working on the Cooking merit badge with Mr. Russ should plan to bring updates to review with him.
  • Those Scouts needing the Communication merit badge requirement to, “Attend a public meeting approved by your counselor…” should plan to attend the Village of Sturtevant Community Development Authority Public Hearing, starting at 5:30pm at Sturtevant Village Hall, followed by the Village Continual Committee Meeting. I will be at that meeting, so will be able to provide transportation back to the troop meeting once it has completed. The rest of that requirement is, “Practice active listening skills and take careful notes of each point of view. Prepare an objective report that includes all points of view that were expressed.” Be prepared to complete the active listening and note taking during the meeting. This is only for those Scouts who currently have partials for this merit badge, not for those who have not yet started.

August 30 Troop Meeting, “Back to School Triple Deuces Night” (It is the fifth Tuesday of the month).

  • PLC decided to have a relaxing game night before most classes start for the year. Bring a game of your choice to play (no electronics) with your troop friends.
  • Also an opportunity for additional rank advancement and merit badge wrap up.
  • Popcorn and wreath fall fundraiser information will be distributed.


  • 06, Troop Meeting – Fall Court of Honor planning, Popcorn Storefront Sales signup will start
  • 09-11 (Friday to Sunday) – OA Fall Conclave at Camp OhDaKoTa (OA Members only). Participants need to register by August 26 to avoid a late fee, can be done online at
  • 13, Troop Meeting – Elections for ASPL and PLs, followed by patrol-specific work. Must also have final head counts for Devil’s Lake campout scheduled 09/30.
  • 17-18 (Saturday and Sunday) – Popcorn storefront sales opportunities, slots and location(s) to be determined.
  • 18 (Sunday) – Service Hours opportunity to assist with Jefferson Lighthouse Back to School Carnival. Signup link is here ( I would recommend helping with either the inflatables (from 2-4) or cleanup (from 4-5), but feel free to sign up for any slot you desire. This is a uniformed event to help the school and our Cub Scout pack, and to promote Scouting. While this is not a required event, if you need service hours for rank requirements this is an excellent opportunity to complete them.
  • 20, Troop Meeting – Final Court of Honor planning, initial planning for Devil’s Lake campout, patrol team building activities.
  • 24 (Saturday) – Fall Court of Honor. Details are still being finalized, but the plan is for a dinner meal to be prepared by the Scouts and served at 5pm to the families. Scouts would need to be available between 2 and 3.
  • 27, Troop Meeting – Final planning for Devil’s Lake.
  • 30-02 (Friday to Sunday) – Devil’s Lake Campout and Hike, participants must be confirmed no later than 09/13. Final activity under current PLC.


  • 04, Patrol Leaders Council, first activity for new PLC members.
  • 11, Troop Meeting.
  • 18, Troop Meeting.
  • 25, Troop Meeting.
  • 28-30 (Friday to Sunday), Haunted Hayride Campout at Camp OhDaKoTa.


  • 01, Troop Meeting – Head counts for Dec 16-18 activity options are required at this point for planning purposes, otherwise PLC will determine a plan B.
  • 04 (Friday) or 05 (Saturday), Troop Leadership Training for PLC members.
  • 08, Election Day, so PLC is scheduling a troop movie night at Marcus Renaissance
  • 12 (Saturday) – Popcorn and Wreath product pickup, 9am to 11am.
  • 15, Troop Meeting.
  • 18-20 (Friday to Sunday), Wadewitz Barn campout and Holiday dinner, with Webelos.
  • 22, Patrol Leaders Council.
  • 29, Troop Meeting


  • 03 (Saturday), Fallen Heroes Wreath Placements
  • 06, Troop Meeting.
  • 13, Troop Meeting.
  • 16-18 (Friday to Sunday), planned Eagle Cave campout, but fee is $70. Other option is Friday night USS Cobia overnight, fee of $50. We need head counts by Nov 01 to make this work.
  • 20, Troop Meeting. Multiple school holiday concerts may cancel this meeting.
  • 27, No troop meeting.

Future monthly activity plans, actual dates to be determined at October and November PLC meetings. Activities are subject to change based on availability when we make reservations.

  • January – Fun Lodge campout at Indian Mound Scout Reservation.
  • ebruary – Adventure Rock lock-in, at the new location in Milwaukee.
  • March – Spring Court of Honor and Lock-in, possibly at Pleasant Prairie RecPlex.
  • April – Cycling campout.
  • May – Canoe or Kayaking or Hiking campout.
  • June – Scouting the Zoo campout (06/02-03), Chicago Day Trip later in the month.
  • July – Summer Camp, dates and location to be announced by Fall Court of Honor.