Troop Updates - January 2017

Post date: Jan 5, 2017 5:47:19 PM

2017 Registration

The troop completes our annual registration with BSA at the end of January every year. At that time we pay the registration fees and Boys Life magazine subscriptions for all Scouts, amounting to about $36 per Scout for every Scout that we pay to the national offices. I started last night, and will continue over the next few weeks, speaking with each Scout individually, during troop meetings, in an effort to determine their intent to continue their troop registration in 2017. If a Scout decides Scouting is not for them as they are too busy with other activities then we are fine with that. I would appreciate the opportunity for them to tell me in person, as I would like to discuss their experiences in the troop and Scouting in general. As such, I am asking that each Scout make an effort to attend the meeting on either January 10 or 24.

Quick Reminders

    • Scout Uniforms are part of the Scouting experience. Our SPL is starting a points system for patrols that includes, in part, patrol attendance and proper uniforming, that will result in some type of award. I do not know what that award might be at this point.
  • Patrol Leaders need to bring a notepad and written implement to all troop meetings.
    • Cell phones (and other electronics) do serve a purpose in Scouting, but are not to be used during troop activities unless permission is granted by troop leadership.

Quick Reference Signups (Links are also included in the calendar entries on the troop website).

This is our primary method of activity registration. It is set up so the Scouts can indicate whether they are participating in an activity or not. Please use it.

Text Alerts

A text alert is usually sent out every Tuesday afternoon, before the troop meeting, providing any details of what Scouts should expect or are required to bring to that meeting. Many Scouts and families are already registered for this service, many others are not. While it is not required, I would recommend at least one family member sign up for the text alert service. Eventually we may be able to use it for broadcasting arrival times when returning from troop events, but we are not at that point yet. The service is the same provider being used by RUSD, and I would assume other schools, for specific classrooms. I strongly encourage all families to sign up for this service.

There are three ways to sign up for the Troop text alerts.

    • You can create an account on (if you do not already have one) and enter the “class code” of @cd6cc. Signing up this way will let you set up your account to send a text message, send an email, or both, every time a message is sent out.
    • You can send a text message to 81010 with the message @cd6cc. This will simply send you a text message each time one is sent out.
    • You can download the Remind app to your phone, create and account, and then sign up for class code @cd6cc. You will then get a message via the app each time one is sent out.


    • 10, Troop Meeting.
      • IMR campout final planning and Troop holiday cookie and white elephant gift exchange. Bring cookies to share and a drink of your choice. For the gift exchange bring a wrapped or bagged gift of value (between $5 and $10) and not something you find under your bed at the last minute.
    • 13-15 (Friday to Sunday), Indian Mound Reservation campout in the Fun Lodge, with Webelos. Signup Genius link is above.
      • Attending Webelos and their families are no charge, Webelos must be accompanied by a parent or other guardian.
    • 17, Troop PLC Meeting.
    • 24, Troop Meeting.
    • 31, Troop Meeting.


    • 05 (Sunday), Scout Sunday at Messiah Lutheran, SignUp Genius registration link is above.
    • 14, Troop Meeting.
    • 18 (Saturday), Adventure Rock Lock-in, SignUp Genius registration link is above.
    • 21, Troop Meeting and OA Elections.
    • 25 (Saturday), Pack 166 Crossover, 11am-1pm at Infusino’s. Four to five Scouts, including SPL, should plan to attend and participate, preference given to SPL, ASPL, and PLs.
    • 28, Troop Meeting.

Future monthly activity plans

    • March 04 – Merit Badge Tech Day at Gateway Technical College (online registration opens either February 04 or 11 at 8am).
    • March 11 – Scouting for Food bag drop, 9am to noon.
    • March 17 – Spring Court of Honor and Lock-in, location to be determined.
    • March 18 – Scouting for Food pickup, 9am to 11am.
    • April 28-30 – Cycling campout, to be determined.
    • May 12-14 – Order of the Arrow Spring Conclave and Ordeal inductions, Indian Mound Reservation.
    • May 19-21 – Canoe or Kayaking or Hiking campout, to be determined.
    • May 21 – NYLT Pre-Course Meeting (speak with your Scoutmaster if you are interested).
    • June 02-03 – Scouting the Zoo campout, Chicago Day Trip possible later in the month.
    • June 10-16 – Council NYLT Course.
    • July 03 – Sturtevant Third of July Parking.
    • July 23-29 – Summer Camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation, SignUp Genius registration link is above.