Troop Updates - June 2016

Post date: Jun 8, 2016 6:36:17 PM

Scouts and Families—

An ongoing reminder to all Scouts. You should be wearing your uniform shirt to all troop meetings and activities, and if you are not yet a First Class Scout both your neckerchief and Scout handbook are required items for your uniform. There is no excuse not to be bringing your handbook to meetings and activities.

Also as a reminder, the troop calendar is available on the main page of the troop website (, and is also available as a Google calendar that you can synchronize with your personal Google calendar if you use it (send me an email if you do not have access to the troop calendar). You can also subscribe to the weekly Troop text blast by sending a text message to 81010 with the message @cd6cc.

This past weekend’s “Scouting the Zoo” campout was a first for the troop, and those who attended had a great time. So much so, they have requested we consider this as an annual event for future planning.

Here is the monthly summary of upcoming troop activities.


  • 06/07 PLC Meeting
  • 06/12 Patrol Leaders and Patrol Quartermasters meeting.
    • 1:00pm at the church, should last no more than 90 minutes.
    • Unpack, inventory, and reorganize the patrol boxes.
  • 06/14 Troop Meeting
    • Mandatory meeting for all Scouts and adults attending Ed Bryant Scout Reservation summer camp (unless already excused).
    • Medical forms are overdue unless you have provided Mr. Russ with the date of you doctor’s appointment.
    • Any adults not planning to attend the entire week need to verify at this point.
    • Payment of all summer camp fees are due on this date.
      • Scouts who have not yet paid in full, your fee is now $375. The only exception is for Scouts who have joined the troop since May 1, whose fee is still $300.
      • Additional activity fees of $35 per ATV and PWC signup.
      • Adult fees are $105 for the week.
    • Deadline for Troop t-shirt, sweatshirt, and polo order (extended from 05/31)
  • 06/21 Troop Meeting, Frank will be Scoutmaster for this meeting
    • Tent setup and inspection, making sure none are damaged or missing pieces, and all have tarps.
    • Meal planning for upcoming campout.
    • Final campout plans (Michael will work with Frank to determine campout objectives).
  • 06/24-26 Campout, $20 to $25 depending on participation
    • Overnight at Camp Indian Trails in Janesville
    • Saturday day trip to Madison, sites based on Michael’s planning with Frank
  • 06/28 Troop Meeting at Pritchard Park (weather permitting), Frank will be Scoutmaster for this meeting
    • Non-uniformed meeting, but Scout t-shirts are appropriate.
    • Tenderfoot Fitness test, all Scouts will participate, will need leaders to assist with events and recording results.
    • Annual park cleanup afterwards.


  • 07/03 Troop Fundraiser, Sturtevant Third of July Fireworks Parking (4pm to 9:30pm) at Fireman’s Park
    • Please sign up using this link (
    • All Scouts and families are strongly encouraged to participate in some capacity.
    • No service hours, this is a fundraiser for the troop.
    • Two shifts, 4pm to 7pm, 6:30 to 9:30.
    • An area will be set aside for troop families, looking for families to work together and coordinate a food & picnic area for the troop members and families.
  • 07/04 Troop Service Project, Sturtevant Third of July Fireworks Cleanup (9am to noon) at Fireman’s Park
    • Picking up the trash from the night before.
    • Service hours will be credited.
  • 07/05 Troop Pre-Camp Swim Check at the Sealed Air YMCA (time and event still to be confirmed)
    • Get your swim checks completed before camp.
    • $5 per non-YMCA member.
  • 07/12 Troop Meeting
    • Summer camp gear shakedown.
    • Camping presentations for Scouts already working on the merit badge.
  • 07/19 No Troop Meeting
  • 07/24-30 Summer Camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation, Mauston, WI
    • Meet at the church by 7:30am July 24 (Sunday), departure by 8:00am.
    • Planned return to Racine is between noon and 1:00pm on Saturday, July 30.

Future Events of Note

  • Various weekends in August, Roger is spearheading cycling trips of various lengths.
  • 08/13 Cub Scout Ultimate Challenge event at Camp OhDaKoTa
    • PLC is considering planning and running this event, which is why I am including it at this point.
  • 08/30 Troop Fall Court of Honor (fifth Tuesday of the month)
    • Will likely be a dinner meal and ceremony, possibly outdoors.
  • 09/09-11 Order of the Arrow Fall Conclave at Camp OhDaKoTa
    • Final induction weekend for members elected in 2016.
    • Members who completed their Ordeal in 2015 or earlier, this is your opportunity to complete your Brotherhood conversion.
  • 09/17 COPE and Open Aquatics Day at Indian Mound Scout Reservations
    • PLC is giving this date serious consideration so I am including it on the calendar.
    • COPE and zip line participants must be age 13 or older.

Future Events Expected to Occur by End of September

  • Rick’s Eagle Scout Project (will be prior to mid-July)
  • Eli’s Eagle Scout Project
  • Mitch’s Eagle Court of Honor
  • Chad’s Eagle Court of Honor
  • Ricky’s Eagle Court of Honor