Troop Updates - March 2017

Post date: Mar 21, 2017 1:44:56 PM

Welcome New Scouts and Families

We want to welcome the four Scouts who just crossed over and joined us from Cub Scout Pack 166. Welcome Kadyn B Carter J, Marshall P, and Alex S. You have a great Scouting experience ahead of you!

Troop Clothing

We will be taking orders for troop t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts starting at the Court of Honor and ending May 9. T-shirts are grey with the troop logo on the front, and are $11 each ($13 for 2X+). Hoodies are black with the troop logo on the front, and are $21 ($23 for 2X+). Zippered hoodies are black with the troop logo on the back, and are $30 ($32 for 2X+). Troop polos are red, performance fabric, with the troop logo embroidered on the left breast, and are $21 ($23 for 2X+). Send me an email or give me a note during a troop meeting to place your order.

Patrol Announcement

With the number of Scouts deciding not to continue in Scouting this past year and the addition of the four new Scouts above, the PLC sat down and readjusted the patrols for the future. They made the difficult decision to eliminate the Ninja Panda patrol and add those remaining members to other patrols. Many will be added to the Square Knot Squad, which will be renamed the Square Pandas, but some were moved to other patrols. The final rosters will be distributed at the next troop meeting, and elections will be held at that time.

Scoutmaster Announcement

I announced it at last week’s meeting but I know many families were not in attendance. With me taking on additional travel responsibilities in my job (the one that actually pays the bills) I am stepping down as Scoutmaster effective with the Court of Honor this month. I am excited to announce that Frank Russ has agreed to step into the role of Scoutmaster. I am not leaving the troop, instead stepping back into the role of being one of Frank’s assistants, and I plan to attend and participate where time allows.

Quick Reference Signups (Links are also included in the calendar entries on the troop website).

This is our primary method of activity registration. It is set up so the Scouts can indicate whether they are participating in an activity or not. Please use it, even if you cannot participate in an activity.


    • 14, Troop Meeting.
    • Troop elections for Patrol leaders, final planning (meal and skits) for the Court of Honor.
    • 17, Spring Court of Honor at Living Faith Lutheran.
      • Church will be opened at 5:00 for final meal preparations.
      • Meal service planned for 6:30, all family members invited (please have your scout inform their patrol leader how many to plan for).
      • Court of Honor awards presentations and skits immediately following.
    • 17-18 (Friday to Saturday), Troop lock-in at Living Faith Lutheran Church, SignUp Genius registration link is above..
      • Bring board games, card games, and maybe even a movie – this is not an electronics lock-in.
      • Lock-in is scheduled to end at 8:30am Saturday morning, please make arrangements to get your Scout at that time. If not then they will be transported to Messiah Lutheran for the next activity.
    • 18, 8:30am, lock-in ends but we have Scouting for Food bag pickup in the Messiah Lutheran neighborhood. If all Scouts and parent can assist this can be done by 10:00am.
    • 21, Troop PLC Meeting with new Patrol Leaders.
      • If interested in other positions of responsibility a note to that effect must be provided to Roger (SPL).
    • 28, Troop Meeting


    • 02 (Sunday), Annual Troop Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at Living Faith Lutheran Church, SignUp Genius registration link is above.
    • 04, Troop Meeting.
      • Spring fundraiser sales sheets are due.
    • 11, Troop Meeting.
    • 18, No troop meeting, RUSD Spring Break.
    • 25, Troop Meeting.
      • Final planning for Governor Dodge activity.
    • 28-30, Governor Dodge State Park campout, SignUp Genius registration link is above.3
      • Meet at Messiah no later than 5:00, departure by 5:30 (it is a 2.5 hour drive). Plan to return to Racine by 11:00 Sunday.


    • 02 Troop PLC Meeting.
    • 05, OA Spring FixIt at Camp OhDaKoTa for interested OA members.
    • 09, Troop Meeting
    • 12-14, OA Spring Conclave at Indian Mound Reservation.
      • If interested in attending please contact Mr. Waiss or Mr. Russ, we may be able to provide transportation.
      • First opportunity for 2017 Ordeals (will be paid by troop).
    • 16, Troop Meeting
    • 19-21, Elroy-Sparta Cycling trip
    • 23, Troop Meeting.

Future monthly activity plans

    • May 21 – NYLT Pre-Course Meeting (speak with your Scoutmaster if you are interested).
    • June 02-03 – Scouting the Zoo campout, SignUp Genius registration link is above.
    • June 10-16 – Council NYLT Course.
    • July 03 – Sturtevant Third of July Parking, SignUp Genius registration link is above.
    • July 23-29 – Summer Camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation, SignUp Genius registration link is above. Attached is the information sheet about summer camp this year.

Sean A. Waiss