Troop Updates - November 2016

Post date: Nov 2, 2016 3:42:15 PM

I have a hard time believing I have to repeat these points every month, but some Scouts don’t seem to get the hint.

    • Remember, uniforms are an important part of Scouting, so please wear yours to all troop meetings and activities unless informed otherwise. Regardless of rank the uniform includes a pen or pencil, Patrol Leaders should have a notepad or notebook, while uniforms for Scouts below the rank of First Class include your neckerchief and handbook. We do have a very small selection of uniform shirts for Scouts who have outgrown their current shirts.
  • Cell phones and electronics are not needed during troop meetings unless the SPL or your patrol leader have you researching something on the Internet. If your device happens to distract you during a meeting, the PLC has decided that the distraction will be removed until the end of the meeting. Continued distractions may result in the item being returned to your parent and not to you at the end of the meeting, along with an ensuing conversation about the distraction.
  • Unacceptably foul language seems to be creeping into the vocabulary of some of our Scouts. As a reminder, a “Scout is Clean,” so the use of foul language cannot and will not be tolerated at troop meetings or activities. Scouts, you should not tolerate foul language in your non-Scouting life either, there really is no need for it. The PLC is adopting a strategy of issuing a warning for the first incident, then removing a Scout from the activity or meeting for a subsequent incident. Continued issues will result in the Scout’s family being called to remove the Scout from the activity or meeting, regardless of where the troop might be located at that time.

Quick Reference Signups (Links are also included in the calendar entries on the troop website).

This is our primary method of activity registration. It is set up so the Scouts can indicate whether they are participating in an activity or not. Please use it.

    • November 05 Troop Leadership Training -->
  • November 08 Troop Movie Night -->
  • November 18 Wadewitz Barn campout and Holiday Banquet -->
  • December 03 Fallen Heroes Wreath Laying -->
  • December 16 Eagle Cave Campout -->
    • January 13 IMR Fun Lodge Campout -->
  • February 18 Adventure Rock MKE Lock-in -->
  • March Court of Honor and Lock-In --> TBD
  • April Cycling campout --> TBD
  • May Campout --> TBD
  • June 02 Scouting the Zoo campout -->
  • July 23-29 Summer Camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation --> TBD

Text Alerts

A text alert is usually sent out every Tuesday afternoon, before the troop meeting, providing any details of what Scouts should expect or are required to bring to that meeting. Many Scouts and families are already registered for this service, many others are not. While it is not required, I would recommend at least one family member sign up for the text alert service. Eventually we may be able to use it for broadcasting arrival times when returning from troop events, but we are not at that point yet. The service is the same provider being used by RUSD, and I would assume other schools, for specific classrooms.

There are three ways to sign up for the Troop text alerts.

    1. You can create an account on (if you do not already have one) and enter the “class code” of @cd6cc. Signing up this way will let you set up your account to send a text message, send an email, or both, every time a message is sent out.
  1. You can send a text message to 81010 with the message @cd6cc. This will simply send you a text message each time one is sent out.
  2. You can download the Remind app to your phone, create and account, and then sign up for class code @cd6cc. You will then get a message via the app each time one is sent out.


    • 05 (Saturday), Troop Leadership Training and PLC meeting
    • This is a non-uniformed event
    • 8am to 1pm at Messiah Lutheran, breakfast and lunch will be provided
    • Use the above SignUp Genius link to register (for food planning purposes), no later than 11/05
    • Attendance is mandatory for SPL, ASPL, and all four patrol leaders – this was part of the agreement you made to run for office. If you do not attend you will be removed from office.
    • Attendance is recommended for the four Scouts who indicated a desire to take NYLT this summer
    • Attendance is optional, but beneficial, for Scouts who have completed NYLT
    • 08, Election Day, the church is unavailable so PLC has scheduling a troop movie night at Marcus Renaissance
    • This is a non-uniformed event
    • 6:40 showing of Dr. Strange, movie is 120 minutes so pickup no later than 9:00pm
    • Use the above SignUp Genius link to order your ticket(s), no later than Wednesday night (11/04). Tickets will be purchased Thursday morning.
    • Families are welcome to attend and order tickets through the troop.
    • I will have the pre-ordered tickets at the door from 6:00 to 6:30. At 6:40 I will be in the theatre, so do not be late.
    • Tickets are $5 each, and will be charged to your Scout account. I am getting out of the money-handling business.
    • 12 (Saturday) – Wreath product pickup, 9am to 11am, at Mr. Waiss’ home.
  • 12 (Saturday) – EAGLE SCOUT JOINT COURT OF HONOR for Mitch Russ and Chad Helland
    • Scouts, please wear a complete uniform if you have it.
    • Fully uniformed Scouts (including Scout pants) should arrive by 1:15 as you may be included in the ceremony, all other Scouts should arrive by 1:30.
    • Ceremony starts at 2:00, at Living Faith Lutheran Church (former Atonement Lutheran), 2915 Wright Avenue
    • Light reception will follow
    • 15, Troop Meeting.
    • Wadewitz campout planning.
        • Patrols need to bring the recipes, ingredient list, and cooking equipment and vessels they will need for the holiday banquet.
      • Do not try to figure it out at the meeting, you need to bring it to the meeting already completed.
    • 18-20 (Friday to Sunday), Wadewitz Barn campout and Holiday dinner, with Webelos.
      • Signup Genius link is above, register before 11/08 and fee is $25, register after 11/08 and fee is $30
    • Families may attend holiday banquet for $5 per person, using same SignUp Genius registration link
    • Attending Webelos and their families are no charge
    • Families planning to attend should plan to arrive by 4:30 Saturday, with the banquet being served at 5:00
    • Holiday Banquet menu is listed next. Patrols need to figure out the recipe, ingredients, and cooking equipment and vessels they will need before the 11/15 troop meeting, and bring that information to the meeting.
      • Genius Patrol is tasked with preparing Mozzarella Sticks and Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno poppers
      • Ninja Pandas Patrol is tasked with Mashed Potatoes (from real potatoes) and a 7-layer Salad
      • Square Knots are tasked with Potatoes au Gratin and Corn and/or Green Beans
      • Flaming Pineapples are tasked with Oreo Pie and Brookies
      • Entrees will be Deep-fried Turkey and Smoked Pork Ribs, prepared by Frank and the adult leaders, and possibly cheesecake by Ms. Huck
    • 22, Troop PLC Meeting, though this may get cancelled due to the holiday.
    • This is a non-uniformed event
    • Deadline for Eagle Cave registration using SignUp Genius
    • 29, Troop Meeting.
    • All popcorn and wreath payments are due to the troop.


    • 03 (Saturday), Fallen Heroes Wreath Placements, SignUp Genius registration link is above
  • 06, Troop Meeting.
  • 13, Troop Meeting.
  • 16-18 (Friday to Sunday), Eagle Cave campout, fee is $70.
  • 20, Troop Holiday Meeting, troop holiday cookie and gift exchange.
  • 27, No troop meeting.

Future monthly activity plans

    • January 13-15 – Fun Lodge campout at Indian Mound Scout Reservation. Register by January 02 ($30, afterwards $35).
  • February 18 (Saturday) – Adventure Rock lock-in, at the new location in Milwaukee. Register by February 07 ($35, afterwards $40).
  • March 17 – Spring Court of Honor and Lock-in, location to be determined.
  • April 28-30 – Cycling campout, to be determined.
  • May 19-21 – Canoe or Kayaking or Hiking campout, to be determined.
  • June 02-03 – Scouting the Zoo campout, Chicago Day Trip possible later in the month.
  • July 23-29 (Tentative) – Summer Camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation.

Other Activities offered by the Council (See Mr. Waiss or the Council website for details)

    • November 12, 8am to noon – Den Chief Training for those who have expressed an interest, at the Milwaukee Scout Service Center.
  • November 13, 1pm to 5pm, Dog Care merit badge clinic, at the Wisconsin Humane Society, Milwaukee.
  • December 10, 8am to 11am – Electricity merit badge clinic, WE Energies in Milwaukee.
  • December 10, 10am to noon, Snow Sports merit badge clinic, at the Milwaukee Scout Service Center.
  • March 04, 8am to 3pm, Merit Badge Tech Day at Gateway Technical College (online registration opens either February 04 or 11 at 8am).
  • March 05, 1pm to 5pm, Dog Care merit badge clinic, at the Wisconsin Humane Society, Milwaukee.
  • May 21 – NYLT Pre-Course Meeting (speak with your Scoutmaster if you are interested).
  • June 10-16 – Council NYLT Course.