Troop Updates - October 2015

Post date: Oct 1, 2015 10:36:01 PM

The Troop PLC met this week and have finalized the plans for the next several months. Below is a summary of the events that have been scheduled (or are awaiting confirmation).

One comment I have regarding event signups is we are still struggling to find a method of confirming event participation in advance. As a rule of thumb we need to lock in participation counts about two weeks in advance of an event. This is so transportation and shopping arrangements can be considered and finalized. For example, a weekend event would need the participation head counts locked in at the troop meeting ten days prior to the event.

Several years ago we would send permission slips home each month for events, but those seemed to get misplaced or forgotten. We then attempted to simply get the scouts to either confirm or deny participation at troop meetings, with mixed results since many claim to not know their family schedules for the weekends of Scouting activities. We have recently attempted to implement an online registration system ( that allows for cancellations just a few days in advance of the activity, but that has only been utilized by a few troop families. I am going to set up the listed activities below on, and then add each family to the application so that it will send out reminders. I am still hopeful that it will help with determining head counts, but I need your support in using it. If your family is no comfortable with this method, or you have another recommendation to get us the needed information, please let me know.


- 10/06 Troop Meeting

o Troop Elections for Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Librarian, and Chaplain’s Aide

o Patrol selections for Assistant Patrol Leader and Patrol Quartermaster

o Finalize Aviation Camporee plans

o Finalize Court of Honor plans

o Return of any troop tents and other equipment held by families

- 10/10-12 Aviation Camporee at Burlington Airport

o $20 per Scout

o Meet at church by 6:00 Friday, return by 10:00 Sunday

o Scouts can work on Aviation merit badge, or Space Exploration and Weather merit badges (Weather taught by CBS 58 Chief Meteorologist Drew Burgoyne)

o Some may be selected for a Young Eagles flight around Burlington (lottery system for selection)

- 10/13 Fall Court of Honor at Racine Theatre Guild, starting at 6:30

o All family members are invited, we will either be on stage and/or in the green room (to be confirmed this weekend)

o Plan is currently for a potato bar type meal

- 10/20 Troop Meeting

o All product order forms must be turned in

o Life Scouts will meet to discuss Eagle project and application process

- 10/27 Troop Meeting

- Of note, the PLC has decided not to participate in Haunted Hayride at Camp OhDaKoTa as a troop this year. Families are still encouraged to attend the hauntings.


- 11/03 PLC Meeting

- 11/07 Scouting Heritage Museum Tradeoree

o Potential Patrol Activity, not a Troop activity

o 8am to 4pm Milwaukee Scout Service Center, Scouting Museum is open the entire time

o Scout Patch and Memorabilia trading/purchasing

- 11/10 Troop Swim Night at the Sealed Air YMCA (tentative, still to be confirmed)

- 11/14 Troop Leadership Training at Sturtevant Village Hall

o 9am to 4pm, lunch and snacks provided

o All members of the PLC need to plan to participate, if in doubt please ask

o We will finalize April to July event schedule and also select our 2016 summer camp at this event

- 11/15 Popcorn and Wreath pickup at my home, from 10am to 1pm (if you cannot do so in this window you must let Patty or me know)

- 11/17 Troop Movie Night at Marcus Renaissance (tentative, still to be confirmed, movie TBD)

- 11/24 No Troop Meeting


- 12/01 Troop Meeting

o All product sales payments are due

- 12/05 Wreath Placements

o 10am to noon(?), Service Hours are counted

o Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove

- 12/08 Troop Meeting

- 12/15 Troop Meeting

- 12/18-20 Mukwonago Park Cabin Campout

- 12/22 Troop Meeting

o White Elephant Gift and Cookie Exchange

- 12/29 No Troop Meeting

Future Events of Note

- January 15 Adventure Rock Overnight Climbing Lock-in

- February 07 Scout Sunday

- February 19-21 IMR Fun Lodge Cabin Campout

- March 05 Merit Badge Tech Day

- March 13 (Sunday) Scouting for Food Bag Drop (Solo & Ensemble Performance are on Saturday)

- March 18 Spring Court of Honor

- March 18 Church Lock-in

- March 19 Scouting for Food Bag Pickup

- April 16 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser (tentative, as 04/09 is RUSD Bandorama)